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Join our team! We value individuals with diverse interests, experiences & perspectives. We welcome individuals who are creative, kind & keen to connect science with decision-making, policy & practice at local to global scales.



Student enquiries are always welcome!

Please get in touch if you are keen to pursue research that spans scales: i.e,. headwaters to watersheds, species to whole food webs, science to practice-policy. For example:

(1) What is the contribution of headwater streams to the Great Lakes?  To what extent are headwaters being managed and restored?  Are current practices effective?

(2) What are the scaling relationships: a) between tributaries and catchments? and, b) between microbial, molecular dynamics and higher trophic levels (i.e., invertebrate and fish traits)?

(3) To what extent can traditional ecological knowledge and other knowledge systems and dimensions be applied in freshwater restoration?

The Graduate Program at GLIER offers MSc and PhD degrees in Environmental Science.  Students are also welcome to consider the Graduate Program in the Department of Biological Sciences.  The programs are research-oriented and highly competitive. Applicants are encouraged to explore scholarship opportunities here. FAQs about the University of Windsor's Faculty of Graduate Studies can be found here.


Scholars are welcome to get in touch with interests and opportunities for funding & collaboration.  We are always interested in connecting with social scientists, lawyers, engineers, mathematicians, practitioners and traditional ecological (indigenous) knowledge holders. 

If anything we do is of interest to you, please get in touch!

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